We thank our most active representatives and teams of the autumn semester for their invaluable contribution! We wish you a beautiful and peaceful Christmas season! Also watch the video below we made for everyone!

Spirit of UTSU

Team recognition

The Council of the Institute of Pharmacy

The student council of the Institute of Pharmacy has consistently stood for the beauty and comfort of its building and recreation area. They actively participate in work groups, highlight success stories and are well organized – you always know who to turn to!

Spirit of UTSU

Individual recognition

Nora Nurme

If the student council of the Institute of Sport Science and Physiotherapy is operating somewhere again, then Nora is behind it. She is the one who guides, inspires, bring joy to everyone and acts to make the dreams of the Council truly come true!

Deed of the semester

321 signatures against tuition fees

Under the leadership of the Student Council of the Faculty of Law, a total of more than 300 signatures were collected in a very short time to protest against tuition fee.

Influenza vaccination

The Faculty of Medicine Student Council ensured that, in addition to medical and dental students, other students in the faculty could also be vaccinated against influenza.

Video about how to give feedback

The Study Quality Work Group of the Biosciences Students’ Society, chaired by Andrea Jõesaar, a student representative of the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, made a really good video of the feedback.

PS. Watch the video > !!! 

Nose for innovation

Lembe Kullamaa

Lembe Kullamaa drew attention to the social deficit. The idea she proposed, guaranteeing exemption from tuition fees in the event of incapacity for work, quickly gained momentum and has now passed through the Senate and become a decision.

Marin Lehesalu

Marin Lehesalu has drawn attention to many things that others have not noticed before, for example things to do with the management of dormitories, student rooms and performance scholarships. “Marin’s great suggestions always lead to realization – wow, I wouldn’t have come up with it myself.”

Hardest working team

Study Quality Work Group

The Study Quality Work Group is the work group that met most frequently. At their meetings, things are being discussed thoroughly, even on a Friday night!

Council of the Institute of Clinical Medicine

Since looking at the computer screen doesn’t make you a doctor, the student council of the Institute of Clinical Medicine works hard to achieve a combination of seminars and practicum.


Ilmar Uduste 

Toivo Kikkas 

Karel Paan 

Katariina Sofia Päts 

Kristin Nugis 

Helo Liis Soodla 

Uku Kangur 

Mari-Ann Lind 

Martin Kala 

Allan Aksiim 

Hendrik Ehrpais

Diandra Valk 

Taavo Tähtjärv 

Anne Merzin 

Rainer Urmas Maine 

Ismail Mirzojev

But it’s show time now! See the video we made for you all!