Entries by Silja Madison

UTSU in January

A large amount of work has been done and many hours of sleep have been sacrificed, but finally, another semester is done and a week of rest is guaranteed, according to all presumptions. But the teaching staff has also done a huge amount of work and just as every click in the SIS is reminding you, we are also pointing out that it is time to give feedback. 

UTSU in December

Although our thoughts are already in the new and better year, let’s look back one more time. One who does not remember December, we’ll help to remember. 

USTU in November

Many topics in the frontier of representing students have sparked anxiety. However the end of month brought joy to all of us with the celebrations of UTSU and the National Unversity.

UTSU in October

Will there be tuition fees? What is the condition of students’ study and break rooms? How to be more active as a representative, but also as a student? Find it out!


The University of Tartu ranked 251—300 in the 2021 Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking. How does ranking work and what does this place mean?

UTSU Spelled Out

UTSU is the University of Tartu Student Union. It makes sense that the union represents students, but often UTSU’s other activities remain invisible to them. Now is the time to spell these activities out.