Next Chairman of the UT Student Body

Karl Lembit Laane
Photo: Andres Tennus/University of Tartu

On 4 June, the UT Student Parliament elected Karl Lembit Laane to be the next Chairman of the UT Student Body. His mandate begins on 1 July.

Karl Lembit Laane has been involved with UTSU before. He started in 2018 as a member of the Student Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Student Council of the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies. Just a few months later, he was entrusted with the position of Vice Chairman of the Board of the Student Union, where he served until the summer of 2019, continuing alongside as an institute’s student representative. With UTSU in his heart, Karl Lembit Laane is back at the university and the Student Union after completing his military service to implement his visions. The newly elected Chairman confirmed his election platform: “The main focus of my term of office is to take the co-operation between representatives to a new level and to bring the Student Union closer to students, without lowering the bar in our educational policy activities. My position is that the university must not deprive students of the will to learn, the representatives the will to represent, and the Student Union must not distance themselves from the Student Body and leave its interests unrepresented. My wish is that the experience for students and representatives at this university is developing, ability-based, inspiring and fun; that students really feel that we are there for them, and that the interests of the Student Body are protected in all decisions, be it at the University of Tartu or more broadly in the Republic of Estonia. I thank everyone who supported me and the opposing candidates for a meaningful discussion. UTSU has a lot of work to do, but having our backs together, nothing is an obstacle for us.”

The Student Parliament also elected new members for the Monitoring Committee. They are Taavo Tähtjärv, Katariina Sofia Päts, Darja Sotnikova, Anette Kuuseorg, and Signe Parts.