See what has UTSU’s Board been up to in the autumn semester. All of the interesting and useful in small and easy-to-read bits!

From April 19, all students of the University of Tartu will again be able to apply for student representative in their institute or faculty. The new representatives for the coming academic year will be announced on May 25.

A large amount of work has been done and many hours of sleep have been sacrificed, but finally, another semester is done and a week of rest is guaranteed, according to all presumptions. But the teaching staff has also done a huge amount of work and just as every click in the SIS is reminding you, we are also pointing out that it is time to give feedback. 

Although our thoughts are already in the new and better year, let’s look back one more time. One who does not remember December, we’ll help to remember. 

We summarize the autumn semester and thank our good representatives for their contribution!

Many topics in the frontier of representing students have sparked anxiety. However the end of month brought joy to all of us with the celebrations of UTSU and the National Unversity.

Will there be tuition fees? What is the condition of students’ study and break rooms? How to be more active as a representative, but also as a student? Find it out!

The University of Tartu ranked 251—300 in the 2021 Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking. How does ranking work and what does this place mean?

UTSU is the University of Tartu Student Union. It makes sense that the union represents students, but often UTSU’s other activities remain invisible to them. Now is the time to spell these activities out.

The Student Union continues to work on ensuring that the students maintain their will to study and the representatives maintain their will to represent. Read more about what we’ve done in September to achieve all this.

Dear Student

This time we summarize the whole year with a beautiful infographic. We compiled interesting statistics about where UTSU was and what did we do, and surprisingly, some of the numbers came in quite powerful. Enjoy the read!

Being a student representative alongside studying is worth a thousand praises and it’s no secret that the spring of 2020 has been a challenge on its own. We would like to sincerely thank everyone for their contribution, and as a result, we have developed a system for recognizing representatives, which we are implementing for the first time this year.

On 4 June, the UT Student Parliament elected Karl Lembit Laane to be the next Chairman of the UT Student Body. His mandate begins on 1 July.

We are pleased to say that we’re only a step away from the end of spring semester and school year. Final efforts before the summer, which will hopefully let us to move around without restrictions and allow us to be social.

One of the busiest months of the year for USTU is undoubtedly May, and it’s time to sum it up.

The beginning of the union after the War of Independence was not easy. The front lines of WWI had scattered teaching aids of the University of Tartu all over the place but still students fought and stood for their rights and opportunities in these circumstances, trying to better their learning environment.

By the end of April, we are getting somewhat used to the new reality. Although similarly to the student body as a whole, we at the Union also feel tense and tired, we have created a routine for ourselves and redesigned our workflow to allow us to continue representing students even in this peculiar situation.

Altogether, there are nearly 150 representatives and the contribution of each of them is valuable. If you feel that you have the enthusiasm to stand for the rights and well-being of your peers and create change already during your studies, run to become a student representative. In return you get valuable connections, a large group of friends and an experience beneficial later in life.

Dear student,  

Last month’s events were unexpected for all of us and since 12 March, we have been living in a new world. Since a nation-wide state of emergency was declared, we have had to react fast and re-organise our lives, both at school and at work. We can say that in spite of the ban on gatherings, we have plenty of assignments on our hands and a lot to share with you from the month of March.

Unfortunately as a lot of gatherings, the discussion evening “Current trends in Estonian Higher Education” planned for 18 March has also faced the fate of being cancelled. Studying has been fully transferred to e-learning and most of us find themselves indoors but the world doesn’t stop. To keep you up to date with current situation in Estonian higher education we have put together a graphic summary for you!

Studies at the University of Tartu will continue but in a different form. E-learning can and must be done in high quality.

The University of Tartu Student Union cares about your health and the Union Office has decided to postpone all events planned within a month. 

Newest information

We hope to see you soon, happy and healthy!

February has been a really busy month — first we had to power through the exam session, later at the end of the month, several discussions on educational policy took place. Among other things, we discussed the career model and quality of studies satisfaction surveys.

In Spring, you can join UTSU and run to become an institute or faculty representative, a member of the UT Senate or a representative at the General Assembly of the Federation of Estonian Student Unions.