So what’s happening?

Studies at the University of Tartu will continue but in a different form. E-learning can and must be done in high quality. If you find that the current organization of e-learning does not support your fulfilling of learning outcomes or does not promote academic development due to its design, notify the lecturer and Program Director, the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and the Study Organisation Expert, if necessary. Additionally, inform relevant people when e-learning actually requires an auditory presence (receiving study materials, submitting homework). You can always consult with TÜÜE.
Find the contact details of your representatives or contact us via email

If you do not have a computer for e-learning and you are in Tartu, let us know here. Let’s be there for each other in this time of crisis!

Since you might be tempted to go on academic leave, please note that your temporary residence permit for studies will be terminated for the time academic leave is valid, unless you study full time during the leave. If you are a PhD student with health insurance from the Estonian Haigekassa, you wont have insurance during the academic leave, if you have requested the leave yourself (as opposed to falling ill, etc.) More info here.