Starting from Spring, all students have the chance to become student representatives at UTSU. In order to join, you have to submit an application (that will be published on the UTSU website at the beginning of the election period) and choose if you want to represent the rights and interests of the students at your institute or at your faculty. The general rule is that the students of a specific institute can vote for the representatives running for the institute student council [*] and the students of a specific faculty can vote for the representatives running for the faculty student council [*].

The election schedule is as follows:

  • 20th April to 4th May –  application period
  • 5th to 10th May –  application period extension, if necessary 
  • 11th to 13th May – data processing
  • 14th to 20th May – voting period via the platform
  • On 21th May – results are made public

The committee responsible for carrying out the elections comprises Trine Tamm, the Vice Chairman of the student body, Johannes Richard Voltri, the head of the Monitoring Committee of the student body and Martin Pärn, a lawyer at the Academic Affairs Office appointed by the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs.

The mandate of new representatives at institute and faculty councils and at the UT Senate begins at 1 July, the mandate of the previously elected representatives lasts until 30 June. The Senate student representatives and the representatives of UT at the General Assembly of the Federation of Estonian Student Unions are scheduled to be elected during the Student Parliament meeting on 7 May.

* The students of the physics, chemistry and materials science curriculum at the Faculty of Science and Technology are an exception – they can run and be elected to both the institute Council of Chemistry and Physics.

** The second exception is the Faculty of Medicine where the voter groups are comprised based on the study year.

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