UTSU in December

Although our thoughts are already in the new and better year, let’s look back one more time. One who does not remember December, we’ll help to remember. 

It’s fair to say that the 1st of December was one of the most beautiful days in the year of 2020 in terms of the 100th anniversary of UTSU. The celebration of the anniversary, which was canceled twice, declined from a spectacular reception to an online broadcast of the dance performance, which nevertheless made us feel warm.

“It brought tears to my eyes. I thanked the dancers and the whole team in the name of UTSU,”

As was described by Trine Tamm, the vice-chairperson of the Student Union, after watching the performance. Have you seen it? Read more and watch Raul Markus Vaiksoo’s production “Seeking For…“. 

As for the book “A hundred years of student representation at the University of Tartu” presented a day earlier, we are pleased to announce that it is now available at the online store of the University of Tartu!

In December, we supported the improvement of the students’ study and break rooms of many institutes, allowing better cooking or leisure, and we also helped to simplify the organization of events. The Institute of Technology and the Institute of Education received interesting board games, the Institute of Sport Science and Physiotherapy a microwave oven and a kettle, and the Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences reusable dishes instead of fragile porcelain.

The Development Fund is also available this year.

Once again, as the restrictions became more stringent, we started lending out computers for students in need of those to participate in distance learning. If you also need one, do not hesitate to contact us! Write to us at tyye@ut.ee.

We also thanked our dear representatives. So many of them with innovative ideas, courageous actions and long-term contribution to UTSU. Who received recognition and for what, you can read here. They were announced in our fun Christmas greeting video which we shared at our virtual Christmas party. In addition, we played games, took a quiz and had fun chats because the UTSU family is one friendly family.

From the year 2020 as a whole we can remember the fight against changes in the Aliens Act, quick action taking in the unexpected state of emergency and the consequent rearrangements in the university, participation in higher education and research funding, presentation of learning outcomes, the release from tuition fees for students with partial or complete incapacity to work. We tasted both victory and defeat, but we do not consider all wars to be over. Full of new energy in the new year.

Happy new year and good luck for the exams that are yet to come!