Kai Budrikas: all I needed was a free afternoon, a cup of coffee and some good music

For the thoughts and concerns to reach the student union, the students have to know who are their representatives. So, we made it our goal in the fall to set up independent information boards in the study buildings that introduce the student representatives and spread their messages. We discussed the boards’ look and contents with the faculty’s student representatives in the communications’ workgroup, and the thoughts were also forwarded to the institute student councils. Kai Budrikas, a student representative of the institute of mathematics and statistics, took the initiative to create a fitting solution to the modern Delta house.

This here is Kai Budrikas, a student of mathematical statistics

But this is Kai Budrikas, the chairperson of the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics Student Council

Delta is where the students of mathematics and statistics, computer sciences and the school of economics and business administration study. During one of the monthly faculty meetings, it was realized that it would be completely natural to join forces, and Kai made it her goal to give coverage to all the Delta representatives together. 

“To display UTSU’s information on the screen of the Delta student area instead of using posters like in the other institutes, felt completely delta-like – IT, tech and innovation, innovation, innovation!!!” Kai explained her primary thoughts.

At first, the thought of a student representatives’ banner probably seemed a bit frightening to everybody. “It’s unfamiliar to see our own faces on the Delta screen for everybody to see, and at first, it didn’t really lift off, but as time passed, the more my annoying sense of duty started gnawing at me, and I decided to get to work on it. I’ve really liked graphic design and creating visual media as a hobby already from the era of Mängukoobas (an old gaming and forum website), and the task to create a banner of the student representatives of all the institutes in Delta seemed exciting and challenging,” she looked back on the process.

Kai asked Delta’s marketing and communications specialists for their consent, and nobody objected. The work could now begin.

“Generally, the entire designing process went very smooth – all I needed was a free afternoon, a cup of coffee and some good music. As a result, the representatives of the institutes in Delta now have their own digital poster that occasionally appears on Delta’s second-floor student area’s screen for ten seconds,” she said, pleased with the result.

What does a physical UTSU corner look like then?

Every student council can create the kind of information board they like, and that fits the study building. Signe, Andrea and Tina from MRI, aka the student council of the institute of molecular and cell biology joined forces with UTSU’s communication specialist and the outcome can be seen in the video. So it really doesn’t matter how the representatives make tehmeselves visible. It’s importat that they are visible. 

If you, too, find that in addition to the university’s central information channels and messages, you would like to see more in your study building and know who to turn to at any time, contact your student council or better yet – apply for it on April 19!

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