The Student Union always works for the well-being of students, but from time to time also focuses on some issues at length and more broadly through various campaigns.

University in motion

Sitting for too long does not do any good to your mind and body. Breaks for exercising will help us improve our focusing, attention, memory and health in general. With your help, we wish to make movement a regular part of studying and research and for that we are inviting you to participate in creating of movement breaks!

How to participate?

Find or come up with a 1-3 minute exercise break, which may consist of several exercises, but should fit into at least one of three categories found below. The exercises should be suitable for a lecture, seminar, laboratory, but why not for a conference or home study time. This means that no special tools or clothes are required to participate.

Record a video of it but don’t worry about the quality. The exercise itself is important.

What next?

Liikumislabor will choose the 15 best ones, which will be proberly recorded, and if you wish, you can participate with your fellow students.

Send your clip to tyye@ut.ee no later than May 30. Title your letter as “Liikuma kutsuva ülikooli konkurss” and add your name and curriculum in the content of the letter.

Categories for exercises

Calmer exercises for stretching 

Brain and body cooperation exercises which need concentration. You know, the ones, where your leg does one thing and your arm does something completely different. 

Dances, rythms and challenges that raise blood pressure

Prizes for the best ones!

older posts

What prevents international students from integrating?

International students have an important role in Estonian universities by aiding the spread and development of science. Moreover, international students bring a fresh perspective and new methods and mechanisms to problem-solving. Not always, but sadly in many cases international students’ full potential remains unaccounted for due to the many difficulties that lie ahead when settling in Estonia.

Starting with the educational policy campaign “Inclusivity”

University of Tartu is one of the nine European universities taking part in the three-year-long project of ENLIGHT. Every year the ENLIGHT project, which centres around students and international co-operation, has a theme. This time around, it is “inclusivity”. To gather momentum on the university level, we have also decided to partake with an educational policy campaign of our own centred around the same theme – “inclusivity”.



UTSU has taken a closer look at international students and their inclusivity in the university and daily life. When we talk about international students, we place them under a vast common denominator, but within it is a diverse world. 

the development fund

On the 14th of October 2020, the UT student body’s board opened a development fund to support student projects. 


Learning outcomes are the knowledge, skills, or attitudes that the student has to acquire by the end of the learning process. It’s also important that it is somehow possible to check if the learning outcomes have been acquired.