Workgroups: communication

The student representatives have to be visible so that the students know who they can turn to when they have some problems. And when a student does turn to their representative, they have to pass the concern on to the right place. The representative also has to take care that important information would move in the opposite direction – towards the student.

workgroups: study quality

One would think that the study quality workgroup is only for students who study in some educational curriculum. This is not the case.

Workgroups: International Students’ Workgroup

The International Students’ Workgroup has 1678 students in its focus. That is exactly how many international students are studying at the University of Tartu. But why focus on them separately? Everything is the same, just in English. Or …?

Workgroups: development group

The development workgroup is probably in the most cornered position with the current corona situation. But let’s play a game, let’s pretend there is no pandemic.

What do the representatives do – standing for rights, for real!

The university has a number of different legal acts and good practices for the well-being of the entire academic family. But as the world around us evolves and changes constantly, these acts and practices need to be reviewed from time to time. Who would have thought that different interpretations of the same problem by one or the other institution could have such a butterfly effect…

What do the representatives do – how to be visible?

For the thoughts and concerns to reach the student union, the students have to know who are their representatives. So, we made it our goal in the fall to set up independent information boards in the study buildings that introduce the student representatives and spread their messages.

What do the representatives do – a functional student council

The student representatives are good, sharp, versatile students to whom you can turn with your thoughts and worries at any time and throughout your studies, unlike the tutors. No topic is too small, from making the study buildings cosier to larger issues with the organisation of studies. But how does a student council work and function? We asked the student representatives of the Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics.

UTSU’s structure

The Student Union joins the active students who want to contribute to the students’ wellbeing either inside the university or at the national level of Estonia’s higher education. It’s possible to carry a role in advocating or educational policy on multiple levels.