The Student Parliament of UTSU elected the new Monitoring Committee on June 21 by electronic voting. The Monitoring Committee’s mandate is valid for a year.

Flexible systems are necessary for allowing everyone the opportunity to develop themselves at university, feel good whilst being there, and contribute to society as a whole. Through accommodations, we can grant more equal conditions for university students with additional needs. 

The UT Student Parliament elected the new Board for the UT student body at their 10 June meeting. The new Board will take office from 1 July 2021 for the coming two years.

Spring semester has come to an end and we have had lots of important reflections, meetings, discussions and debates, standing for rights and well-being of students, and a fair share of entertainment as well.

As of July 1, 2021, a new board will take office for the next two years, consisting of the Chairperson of the Student Body and two Vice-Chairpersons. The application took place from 19 May to 2 June and was submitted by four students, whose motivation letter and election platform can be found below.

On 28 May, the new Study Regulations (SR) were approved by the Senate and they will enter into force on 30 August. The SR are the most important bylaws governing studies and UTSU also proposed several amendments to the document. Here is a short overview of the changes we should rejoice over as students, changes that make us wary and proposals we will continue fighting for in the future.

Our diligent student representatives nominated their outstanding fellow representatives to be recognised for their spring semester’s actions and contributions. In total, the representatives were recognised in six categories, and special recognition was given out to our long-term representatives.

During every spring semester new student representatives for the coming academic year are elected. On 25 May we announced the eager fighters for students’ interests for the coming year.

The student representatives have to be visible so that the students know who they can turn to when they have some problems. And when a student does turn to their representative, they have to pass the concern on to the right place. The representative also has to take care that important information would move in the opposite direction – towards the student.

You can now apply to be representative at UT Senate and Federation of Estonian Student Unions’ general meeting.