Estonian Higher Education

Unfortunately as a lot of gatherings, the discussion evening “Current trends in Estonian Higher Education” planned for 18 March has also faced the fate of being cancelled. Studying has been fully transferred to e-learning and most of us find themselves indoors but the world doesn’t stop. To keep you up to date with current situation in Estonian higher education we have put together a graphic summary for you!

So what’s happening?

Studies at the University of Tartu will continue but in a different form. E-learning can and must be done in high quality.

The University of Tartu Student Union cares

The University of Tartu Student Union cares about your health and the Union Office has decided to postpone all events planned within a month. 

Newest information

We hope to see you soon, happy and healthy!


February has been a really busy month — first we had to power through the exam session, later at the end of the month, several discussions on educational policy took place. Among other things, we discussed the career model and quality of studies satisfaction surveys.