Dear student,  

All of the sudden we find ourselves at the beginning of March and from here on after, we will be keeping you updated on the Student Union’s monthly activities. February has been a really busy month — first we had to power through the exam session, later at the end of the month, several discussions on educational policy took place. Among other things, we discussed the career model and quality of studies satisfaction surveys.

Some of our activities this month included:

  • Submitting ideas to amend the Guidelines for Equal Treatment, including both representatives and students in the change process. The guidelines have been created to solve the problems occuring in the academic community as well as to describe the complaint procedure (we focused mostly on student complaints about staff). We forwarded our proposals to the HR Office but also met with the Academic Secretary, the Counselling Centre and Office of Academic Affairs. Throughout the spring semester, we will be participating in a committee working on creating new guidelines.
  • We dedicated ourselves to getting to know the management culture of the University of Tartu, met with some outstanding Heads of Institutes and held a discussion evening on how to manage people and money at the university.
  • We paid additional attention to cooperation with the Counselling Centre in order to promote students’ mental health. Additionally, we integrated UTSU’s introductions into the peer tutoring courses held by the Centre in order to reach a new audience with our exciting activities.
  • We held our first discussion evening on how students can help solve environmental issues to celebrate one hundred years of the organised student movement. Among the expert panelists, there was consensus that all of us can contribute to help the environment, yet the impact is greater and change quicker to arrive, if we work together. One of the objectives of the talk was to pay more attention to making the university greener. Several guidelines steering us towards this have been included in UT’s new Strategic Plan for 2020-2025 that should soon be public.

What next?

We’ve actually been working on several other projects as well and the best way to stay updated is to follow us on Facebook (TÜ Üliõpilasesindus) and talk to your institute and faculty level representatives who you’ll find here. We will highlight a couple of events you can attend to learn more about us!

  • On 9 March at 13:00, the UTSU PhD students’ work group meets. We will discuss the international best practices of PhD studies and will be visited by Monika Tasa and Aavo Lang. All those interested in the quality of studies and education policy, current and future PhD students are welcome. You can also bring friends! Let us know you will attend on Facebook or contact Helo (; so we know how to plan for translation).
  • On 18 March at 18:00, we will kick off the three-part discussion series targeted towards international students. We will come together to figure out what the Estonian higher education framework is really like, what trends characterise it and why all students should care. More info on English-language events here.
  • On 13 March at 17:00, we will meet with the quality of studies work group and listen to Kati Masenko from the Estonian Quality Agency for Higher and Vocational Education. Let us know you will attend on Facebook or contact Helo (, so we know how to plan for translation).
  • On 24 March at 4 PM, the international students’ work group will meet to discuss students’ mental health.

What we do seems cool? Very soon you can join UTSU too! Read more here.

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