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Preparation of the university's new strategic plan begins

The strategic plan A2025 period is coming to an end and the university has set up a committee to prepare a new strategic plan.

The university's strategic plan sets out the university-wide development objectives, which form the basis for a more detailed action plan at the beginning of each year.

"The strategic plan is a vision document of the university, but in order to create it, we need the university family, our alumni and partners to actively discuss not only the future of Estonia's only universitas, but the future of higher education and research in general," said Rector of the University of Tartu, Professor Toomas Asser. "In order to be able to speak of an educated and knowledge-based Estonia on the 400th anniversary of the University of Tartu, we need to jointly analyse how we can continue to ensure excellence in research and higher education." 

The strategic planning process is led by a committee set up by Rector Toomas Asser and includes representatives from across the university: Vice Rector for Development Tõnu Esko (chair of the committee), Vice Rector for Research Mari Moora, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Aune Valk, Head of Finance Kalle Hein, Director of Administration Kstina Noormets, Head of Rector’s Strategy Office Taivo Raud, Head of International Cooperation Kristi Kerge, Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Studies Urmas Nõmmik, Head of Dean's Office at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Klaarika Marton, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Associate Professor in Social Communication Margit Keller, Associate Professor of Behavioural Genetics Uku Vainik, Vice Dean for Development at the Faculty of Medicine and Associate Professor of Clinical Genetics Sander Pajusalu, Professor in Functional Morphology Priit Kaasik, Vice Dean for Research at the Faculty of Science and Technology and Associate Professor in Functional Analysis Johann Langemets, Research Fellow of Physical Chemistry Liis Siinor, UT Library Director Krista Aru, student representative Renar Kihho and Development Adviser Martin Meitern. In addition, the committee will involve experts, employers and policymakers from public authorities, businesses and schools.

The committee has not yet agreed on the duration of the next strategic plan; this will be decided at its next meeting. The strategic planning process consists of two stages: formulation of development ideas and establishment of development directions. 

The first stage is for analysing the university's development directions in the light of the main trends in education, research and society. Also, the strategy and development documents of the universities of the ENLIGHT network will be compared to get an insight into best practices in other higher education institutions. On the basis of the information received, the strategic plan committee, together with the Rector’s Office and the council, will develop the strategic objectives for the new period. 

The second stage involves establishing the chosen strategic objectives, describing them in more detail and setting specific targets. A comprehensive document of the new strategic plan will also be finalised at this stage. The first draft will be ready by the end of March 2025, after which it will be sent to the university council for approval. 

The university family is invited to participate in all stages of the strategic planning process. Every staff member and student is invited to reflect on and discuss how their work can contribute to the university's strategic objectives. The opportunity to have a say will be communicated to the university family through internal communication channels and on the strategic plan website

Students, staff and alumni can now propose objectives that they regard as the most important for the university in its next period of strategic plan via an anonymous web form. The strategic planning committee will discuss the proposals and consider them when selecting the strategic objectives.

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