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Why should YOU join UTSU?

🏛️ To make the university even better

💡 Chance to gather more knowledge on current topics (e.g., mental health, higher education financing, management)

📽️ All kinds of social events from weekend trips to movie nights 👥 New acquaintances and friends from across the university

Which student representative to apply for?

Institute's student representative

An institute's student representative stands for the students of their own 
institute. The student representatives of one institute form the institute 
student council (ISC aka IÜK)

Duties of the institute's representative:

  • Representing the students at the institute's council 
  • Passing the institute's students' opinions on to their faculty and UTSU's board 
  • Supporting the institute's students in their problems with the studies
  • Participating in UTSU's workshop weekends

Faculty's student representative

A faculty's student representative stands for the students of their entire 
faculty. The student representatives of one faculty form the faculty student council (FSC aka VÜK).

In addition, all the faculty student representatives form the Student Body Parliament.

Duties of the faculty's representative:

  • Representing the students at the faculty council once a month
  • Communicating with the institute student representatives and supporting their actions
  • Actively participating in the Student Body Parliament once a month
  • Supporting and representing the students in issues and proposals related to study quality
  • Participating in UTSU's workshop weekends

See from the video what are student representatives of the University of Tartu dealing with on a daily basis (choose subtitles from the settings):

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