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UTSU's structure

Photo of the structure of UTSU.

The university has four faculties and 32 institutes, and almost all of them have student councils. There are 31 institute student councils, and each of them has 1-6 student representatives. They mostly make up one-fifth of the institute’s council and are there as members with the right to speak and submit proposals for changes.

Every faculty also has a student council that mostly makes up a fifth of the faculty’s council, where they are as members with the right to speak and submit proposals for changes.

The faculty student councils form the student parliament, which is the student body’s highest decision-making body that elects the student body’s board, approves the student union’s budget and adopts political positions.

The student union’s work is coordinated by the board and the office. The board is made up of the student body’s chairperson and up to two vice-chairpersons. The office assists the board in carrying out assignments.

The work of the entire student union is reviewed by the monitoring committee.

The student representatives also belong to the university’s Senate, the highest academic decision-making body, and the Estonian student unions’ umbrella organisation, the Federation of Estonian Student Union‘s general meeting’s composition.

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2024/2025 Student Representatives

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