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Student rights

The University of Tartu is the daily study and work environment to nearly 14 000 students. For such a large organisation to work consistently and so that the academic family members feel good at the university, several different legislation and good practices have been adopted that direct the students’ and staff’s activities. From this page you can find necessary links to different legislation and good practices.

If something is still on your mind, check out our frequently asked questions. You can also always contact us if you have a problem!

Frequently asked questions

The Study Regulations

The Study Regulations aka ÕKE regulates degree studies in the University of Tartu, and all members of the university are obligated to follow it. It is a helper that explains who is a student, how are the studies organised, how to choose modules and what should you know about taking an academic leave or going abroad for studies. You can find plenty of helpful information in ÕKE that helps assess whether your studies’ organisation or even your participation in the studies is correct.

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Study instructions

Good practice of learning

Other good practices

Whom to contact

If you didn't get an answer to your question on this page and you want to know who to contact in more detail, you can find more contacts on the university's corresponding page.

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University of Tartu students welcome to apply for ENLIGHT Inclusion Award 2024

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